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A Spectrum of Legacies

Your legacy can be so much more than a transfer of your assets to your heirs. In A Spectrum of Legacies, learn how to:


  • Teach children to be productive, contributing citizens who manage the wealth you leave responsibly.

  • Connect meaning to your money.

  • Tighten family bonds with and among your children.

  • Design a giving plan that reflects your values and makes a difference to the recipients.

  • Communicate your wishes to your financial, legal, and tax advisors.

  • Live your final years in a state of abundance.


Author Mark Weber has developed Worksheets and Letters to help you craft a legacy plan that is as unique as you are.

Welcome to A Spectrum of Legacies Website

Welcome to A Spectrum of Legacies Website

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Mark A. Weber

Mark A. Weber

Mark A. Weber has provided financial assistance to affluent clients for over thirty years, and led dozens of family meetings designed to create legacies for his family and others’. Inspired by an encounter with Warren Buffett, Weber created and has facilitated a philanthropy / legacy planning program in Omaha, Nebraska for more than ten years.


The nearly 130 professional advisors and charitable gift planners who have completed the program have impacted their communities by facilitating over $9 billion of charitable gifts and bequests.


They have helped innumerable families construct legacy plans designed to pass values along with assets to heirs, create responsible stewards of wealth, and strengthen family bonds.

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A Spectrum of Legacies is a gift to parents who care more deeply about the impact their financial wealth will have on their heirs and communities, than about the preservation of that capital. Mark Weber's gift not only generously provides inspiring stories, helpful worksheets, and sample letters, but helps both wealth creators and their advisors understand how important it is we not settle for the assumptions and limitations of traditional planning. A Spectrum of Legacies will take off the estate and legacy planning blinders we all wear and help us see the bright horizon of possibilities. Those who follow the suggestions Mark offers will find the path to creating meaningful and sustainable legacies.

John A. Warnick, JD
The Purposeful Planning Institute