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A Spectrum of Legacies contains forms designed to assist you in creating your own legacy. To get started, simply click on a form below to download. You can also access a folder containing all the individual forms, pdf  | doc .

A Spectrum of Legacies

Worksheets For You And Your Advisors

Why We Choose To Leave Money To Our Children - pdf doc

How We Chose Our Inheritance Amount - pdf doc

How We Would Like Our Children To Use Their Inheritance - pdf doc

The Values We Hope To Pass To Our Children - pdf doc

Letters To Your Children

Introduction To Our Legacy Plan - pdf doc

Our Obligations And Values - pdf doc

Why We Established Trusts For You - pdf doc

Our Family Meeting Fund - pdf doc

Why We Included Charitable Giving In Our Legacy Plan - pdf doc

What You Can Expect To Receive From Our Legacy Plan - pdf doc


Letters To Others

Letter To Our Trustee - pdf | doc

Our Charitable Giving Plan - pdf doc

Letter Of Intention To Our Community Foundation - pdf doc

Educational Letter To Our Grandchildren - pdf doc


A Spectrum of Legacies provides a practical guide to the critical, and often missing, piece in wealth management and estate planning: a focus on meaning and values. Mark Weber’s book is a practical and powerful guide with real world examples and compelling stories. It will make an important addition to the library of any planner or advisor.

Russell N. James III, JD, PhD, CFP®
Director of Graduate Studies in Charitable Planning
Texas Tech University

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