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The U.S. is experiencing the largest transfer of wealth in history – estimated at $68 trillion over the next 25 years – and those with means are in a better position than ever to leave a lasting legacy that changes lives. Intentional philanthropy is the step beyond traditional estate planning and one that promises individuals the opportunity to create a long-term positive impact on their families, heirs, and communities.

If you’re an advisor, we invite you to enroll in the program, then share your experience with your clients and prospects. We also invite philanthropic-minded individuals to enroll and gain expert instruction and insights on how you can make a difference with your legacy planning.


The American College of Financial Services has created a micro-course to accompany A Spectrum of Legacies. Thanks to the generosity of a donor who believes that legacy planning creates stronger families and healthier communities, there is no charge for accessing this course. 


To maximize the benefits of the strategies contained in A Spectrum of Legacies, we suggest that you read the book before taking the course and constructing your own legacy plan.


Ideal Participants

The College’s Spectrum of Legacies program is suited for forward-thinking, future-minded individuals who want to leave a lasting legacy for their loved ones, communities, and the world at large.
Ideal participants include:

  • Individuals at or near retirement age who will not exhaust their assets during their lifetime

  • High-net-worth individuals looking to make a difference in their communities through philanthropy

  • Those with complex family situations that make legacy and estate planning difficult

  • Owners of small or closely-held businesses confronting the challenges of exit planning

  • Those working with financial advisors or legacy planning experts, such as Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® (CAP®) designees


Mark Weber’s work to help families plan for transferring wealth and values is extraordinary in a number of ways. Mark encourages a shared clarity within families that leads to better decisions and better relationships. He helps us understand that a plan which includes values frees both parents and children from the bounds of money and makes a better future possible for everyone involved—parents, children, and community. Finally, A Spectrum of Legacies confirms the idea that money, once accumulated, until shared, has no value.

Mike McCarthy
Bridges Trust

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